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Our 10-Year Anniversary: A Decade Of Excellence Deserves A Fantastic Offer

Celebration Balloons For 10 Year Anniversary of Exteriors Plus
10 Year Anniversary of Exteriors Plus

A decade of dedication, growth, and exceptional service - Exteriors Plus is proud to celebrate its 10-year anniversary in 2023. From humble beginnings to becoming one of Northeast Ohio's premier roofing, siding, and window companies, this journey is nothing short of remarkable.

To celebrate our 10-year anniversary, Exteriors Plus is thrilled to introduce a special promotion called the 10 Year Anniversary Sale. We are giving away a Free 50 Year GAF Golden Pledge Warranty with every HDZ whole roof installation. It's an incredible opportunity to save big because this savings applies to every single square of shingles. Plus, it covers workmanship, labor, and materials - a 50-year warranty that is absolutely free!

In addition, we sat down with the owner, Greg Myers, to talk a little bit about the past 10 years and to see what he see coming up next.:

Q: Exteriors Plus has come a long way since its inception in 2013. Can you tell us about your journey and the company's growth over the years?
A: Absolutely! We started Exteriors Plus right in our own backyard, quite literally. It all began in a barn on my property. We were a small, family-owned operation, but we were determined to deliver quality service and craftsmanship to our clients. Over the years, our commitment to excellence and our clients trust fueled our rapid growth. We have expanded our services and developed strong relationships within the community.

Q: Can you share some key milestones or highlights from Exteriors Plus’s journey?
A: One of the significant milestones was our decision to move into our first official headquarters in Norton, Ohio. This marked a turning point for us, providing a dedicated space to better serve our customers and grow our team. We were grateful for the opportunity to expand our services and reach even more homeowners in the area.

Q: Speaking of new locations, we have heard about Exteriors Plus recently moving to a larger headquarters in Coventry Township. Can you tell us more about this transition and the benefits it brings?
A: Yes, our move to Coventry Township is a testament to our commitment to serving our clients even better. The new location provides a larger and more efficient workspace for our team. We have invested in cutting-edge technology and equipment to enhance our services further. This move allows us to streamline our operations, improve response times, and maintain the high-quality work that Exteriors Plus is known for.

Q: What can customers expect from Exteriors Plus in the next decade?
A: We are dedicated to continued growth and innovation. Our clients can expect even more streamlined processes, an expanded range of services, and the same unwavering commitment to quality that they have come to trust. As we look ahead to the next ten years, we are excited to make homeowners; dreams a reality and help them create the homes they have always envisioned.

Q: Any final thoughts on this milestone anniversary?
A: It's a privilege to serve the Northeast Ohio community, and we are grateful for the trust and support we have received over the past decade. Our 10-year anniversary is a testament to our passion for home improvement and our commitment to excellence. We are excited about what the future holds, and we are ready to make the next ten years even more extraordinary.

In Conclusion

Exteriors Plus’s 10-year anniversary is a celebration of a remarkable journey from a barn to a larger, state-of-the-art headquarters in Coventry Township. As they continue to grow and innovate, one thing remains constant – their dedication to providing top-notch roofing replacements, siding makeovers, and window replacement services to homeowners in Northeast Ohio. Here's to a decade of excellence and many more years of serving the community with pride and commitment. Don't miss out on our incredible 10-year anniversary promotion – it's our way of saying thank you for your continued support! As always, our inspections and quotes are always free, so give our office a call at

330-800-8018 to schedule a convenient time for us to stop by.

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