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4 Reasons Why Siding Is Important For Your Home

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

When building a house, everything serves a purpose. Often, the aim is apparent; for example, windows are necessary for ventilation, insulation, and natural light. However, some components of a home are not so obvious. For example, haven’t you ever asked, “why is siding important?” Siding Replacement does much more than merely enhance curb appeal. Here are the four reasons siding is important.

1. Siding Forms a Waterproof Envelope around Your Home

Siding waterproofs your home and seals out moisture, protecting the interior from water damage and increasing your home’s longevity. Moisture causes the interior deterioration of your home, damaging the masonry, cement, doors, windows, and foundation. It can also cause severe mold and mildew problems.

2. Siding Insulates Your Home

Siding is your home’s first defense against weather elements like heat, strong winds, rain, and snow. These elements impact your indoor overall energy performance. Thus, siding can improve your home’s energy efficiency, especially when combining quality siding material and house wrap with rigid foam insulation.
Wood siding is rated R-value, meaning it offers the best insulating quality. Other siding materials like steel, vinyl, and fiber cement come with additional insulation.

3. Keeps Insects and Pests Away

Siding protects your home against a pest infestation. It can effectively seal your home’s exterior to prevent pest entry. In addition, modern siding lasts longer with minimal maintenance and can resist cracks and warping, making it insect-proof.
Homeowners should invest in high-quality siding because it lasts longer and is not susceptible to early damage and deterioration, for example, rotting, wicking up moisture to cause water damage, cracks, and warping.

4. Enhances Curb Appeal

Professionally installed siding enhances curb appeal. You can select from several materials, including aluminum, wood panels, and vinyl. New, quality siding also increases your home’s value and attracts potential buyers when selling.

Why Work with a Professional Siding Installer?

Quality siding is expensive because it protects your home from harsh weather conditions, waterproofs it against moisture, keeps pests away, and enhances curb appeal. Hence, you should hire a professional siding installer to install and repair your siding correctly to last a lifetime.

Are you looking for a siding installer for your next project in Akron or Cleveland? Contact Exteriors Plus Construction for high-quality windows and siding services. We install and repair several types of siding materials, each with impressive warranties. Additionally, we have over ten years of providing high-quality, maintenance-free siding to satisfied clients.
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