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Is It Best To Replace Your Windows When You’re Replacing Your Siding?

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

If you’re thinking of giving your home’s exterior a top-to-bottom makeover with new siding, it makes sense to consider doing a window replacement simultaneously. Besides enhancing your home’s aesthetics, you want to ensure its energy efficiency is not compromised with faulty windows. So, yes, it is best to replace your windows when you’re replacing your siding.

Benefits Of Replacing Windows And Siding Concurrently

Replacing your windows and siding simultaneously allows your contractor to accurately set the capping around the windows before installing the siding. Capping a window is essential since the aluminum or vinyl framing helps channel water away from the frame and your interior walls.

Because the moisture barrier underneath the window frame extends below the siding, installing siding before replacing windows means your installer will have to cut through the fresh new siding to put the barrier in place. As a result, your siding may look butchered and unsightly. Besides, the tedious task of cutting through the siding and recapping the windows will add to the cost of replacing windows later on.

When The Concurrent Replacement Is Not Possible

Redoing both your windows and siding is a considerable investment. So, if you can’t afford both projects at the same time, it’s recommended you prioritize the windows first. Usually, installers will fix new windows first before installing siding, even when you’re replacing both at a go. By doing windows first, you’ll be typically following the order professionals prefer.

However, suppose your siding material is already falling apart or requires immediate attention. In this case, it makes sense to handle this part of the project first, mainly if your budget doesn’t allow you to do both right away. For example, siding panels visibly pulling apart or boards with large holes will undoubtedly need immediate attention. When left unaddressed, these issues could lead to more costly problems, such as skyrocketing energy bills, leaks in the interior of your home, rotting boards, and so much more.

Concurrent Replacement Improves Energy Efficiency

Both windows and siding can affect your home’s energy profile. Faulty windows can allow conditioned air to escape through joints and frames. Siding, on the other hand, acts as the last line of defense against the elements. It keeps away excess heat and chill while at the same time improving your home’s insulation value. Replacing windows and doing a siding replacement simultaneously is a whole-home initiative to enhance energy efficiency and reduce utility bills.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to uplift your home’s curb appeal and bump its energy profile, you should consider replacing your windows and siding at the same time. Exteriors Plus can evaluate various aspects of your home and provide professional advice on what to replace first and what issues are most pressing. We proudly serve the Akron and Cleveland areas. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!
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