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Protect Your Home With The Power Of Flex Shingles

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

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When considering a roof replacement in the Akron, Canton, or Cleveland areas most people think of the roofing standards, like asphalt shingles and standing seam metal roofing. We at Exteriors Plus have installed these tried-and-true options, on thousands of homes! But did you know, we are also an authority in lots of other high-end shingle options? One of our favorites, is the Duration Flex™ line from Owens Corning. It has tons of standout features that make it a perfect fit for what our climate likes to throw at us. Truly it can stand up to the high winds and large hail that impact Northeast Ohio homes each year. Now, let’s look at why Duration Flex shingles just might be the right roofing replacement option for your home!

What makes the Duration Flex Shingles Unique?

Duration Flex is the only modified polymer shingle line on the market, that offers the added confidence of the patented, SureNail® technology. The unique, triple layer of reinforcement within the nailing zone increases their exceptional adhesive power. This means you can rest assured the shingles will absolutely hold up to the high winds we have in Northeast Ohio. You won’t have to worry about singles blowing off and damaging your property, or your neighbors for that matter. The increased nail-pull resistance will be a benefit you can count on, the day of installation, and decades later.

Duration Flex shingles come in a variety of rich, sophisticated hues that will complement those trending traditional and modern color schemes. Guaranteeing that they will be able to stand the test of time, as those trends change.

1. Wind Resistance up to 130mph

2. Limited Lifetime Warranty for as long as you own your home.

3. 10 Year Algae Resistance Warranty

4. TruProtection Limited Warranty Period

5. Patented SureNail® Technology

What makes a Modified Polymer Shingle Special?

The rubberizing effect of the uniquely blended SBS modified asphalt shingles makes the shingle bendable and pliable. You literally can roll up these shingles into a cylinder and then lay them flat without any damage. Try doing that with a traditional shingle! It will be in pieces! In addition, the polymer helps absorb the impact of hail and storm debris, which with the storms coming off Lake Erie can be super helpful.

Can you get an insurance discount because you installed Flex Shingles?

While we cannot promise that you will get a discount on your insurance premiums when you install this type of roofing. What we can tell you is that you absolutely may quality for one, because of the high impact rating these shingles have.. Ask your agent about what your insurance company requires for the savings. Any way to save is a good thing these days!

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