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Should You Repair Your Windows Or Replace Them With Multi-pane Ones?

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Windows play a critical role in keeping the elements away, providing therapeutic views, enhancing curb appeal, and improving your home’s energy efficiency. When your windows are cold, foggy, leaky, broken, cracked, or otherwise not doing their job as intended, you might be wondering whether to repair or replace them.

It’s usually a tough choice since the cost is always an issue, especially when considering more efficient multi-pane window models. However, most homeowners would choose doing repairs over a full window replacement due to the high costs involved.

Depending on the overall condition of your existing windows, simple repairs may not always suffice, especially if you have modern double- or triple-pane sealed windows that are usually more difficult to repair. However, older single-pane windows are typically easy to repair.

When to Repair Your Window

Overall, here are some situations where you can choose to repair your windows rather than replace them:

1. Cracked or Broken Glass

If you have a cracked or broken window glass, you can consider replacing just the glass to restore safety and visual acuity. You can effectively and inexpensively repair single-pane windows. But if a multi-paned glass is cracked or broken, you’ll need to consider a total replacement.

2. Broken Grids or Mullions

Split or rotting grids and mullions holding single-pane window glass in place must be rebuilt. If you notice missing or brittle putty over the glass panes, the issue can easily be fixed. After removing the glass and scraping off the old putty, you can apply new putty and secure the glass with new glazier points.

3. Stuck Sashes

Older windows tend to have lower or upper sashes failing to move when opening or closing the window. This can happen if multiple layers of paint are holding the components together. A sash may also have come out of the track. These problems can easily be repaired.

When The Damage Is Too Bad to Repair

Sometimes, window damage can be extensive, calling for a full replacement rather than repairs. If you choose to replace your windows, consider multi-pane options due to their added energy efficiency. Here are some scenarios when a full replacement is a viable option:

Foggy Windows: Foggy windows are a sign water is condensing on the inside of the window. Since modern multi-paned windows have self-sufficient insulated glass built into them, they are sealed and permanent. As a result, replacement is often the only option.

Structural Problems: If the outer structure of your window is failing, consider buying a new window. In some instances, the areas around the window could be in poor shape, with worn studs, siding, house sheathing, and insulation. This warrants replacing your window and the exterior siding at the same time.

Major Water Leakage: If there is excessive water infiltration around your window, it might mean your exterior window casing is in terrible shape. But if you determine the water is coming through the window, it’s probably time to begin shopping for new replacement windows.

Why Multi-pane Windows Are Beneficial

If you’re thinking about upgrading your home’s windows, you may want to consider multi-paned windows instead of the traditional single-paned windows. Multi-paned windows can be either double-paned or triple-paned.

A double-pane window is designed with two panes of glass separated by an insulating layer of regular air or transparent, odorless gas such as argon. These are highly durable windows which can protect your home from cold winters and hot summer days. Besides, they provide an efficient sound barrier and Low-E coatings that block harmful UV rays.

For triple-pane windows, the middle pane of glass is surrounded by air or insulating glass on both sides, making them very helpful for insulating homes exposed to extreme heat or cold throughout the year. They are usually more expensive than double-paned windows. Additionally, they are heavy and dark, making them mostly preferred in hotter climates. Besides, if you live in a noisy area, multi-pane windows can significantly reduce the level of noise you hear. They’re ideal for houses located near busy streets, train tracks, or airports.

Overall, multi-paned windows can help you save money on energy bills by enhancing your home’s insulation value. But, before you decide to invest in multi-pane windows, have a professional check your home’s overall insulation value to ensure no heat transfer happens elsewhere.

Working with A Professional Installer For Your Window Replacement!

Multi-paned windows are available in a wide range of designs and styles, and choosing the right model can be a daunting task for many homeowners. At Exteriors Plus, we offer various multi-pane window options which are highly rated with Energy Star labels. Our window specialists are happy to go over what options are available and which model fits your budget and home’s style. We proudly serve the Akron, Canton and Cleveland areas. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!
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