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What Is The Best Way To Update The Windows In Your Home?

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

If your house windows look old and worn out or are not as energy efficient as you desire, it’s high time you considered updating and getting a window replacement.

Did you know faulty windows are responsible for approximately 25-30% of the energy used for heating and cooling in most residential homes? Therefore, an update will considerably cut down your energy bills if your windows are in bad condition.

How to Update Your Home Windows

The best way to update your windows is by replacing them. This process is relatively straightforward in the hands of experts. Don’t turn it into a DIY project if you want to avoid costly damages and faulty replacements.

Professionals are likely to follow this procedure to replace your windows:

Step 1: Remove the old window

The replacement process starts with removing your old windows. Most professionals use dust barriers and drop cloths to ensure your home’s interior and landscaping are unscathed during this phase.

Step 2: Modify window frames

If the new windows are bigger or smaller than the existing ones, your window frames will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Step 3: Installing new windows

This entire process typically requires a couple of days, depending on the number of windows getting replaced and how big your house is. Your presence as it phases out isn’t mandatory but advisable.

Why You Should Update Your Old Windows

Here are a few reasons why updating your home’s existing windows is a good idea:

Reduce monthly bills

According to the US Department of Energy, if you update the inefficient windows you have, expect to spend less on heating and cooling bills.
To fully enjoy this advantage, ensure you hire reputable window experts.

Increase your home’s value

Replacing or upgrading your old windows is an excellent way of increasing your home’s value in today’s market. Your windows directly affect your home’s curb appeal. Therefore, if you plan to place it on the market and want better returns, an upgrade is essential.

Improve health and overall well-being

Bigger windows increase the supply of quality air in your home. This is critical. Replacing your smaller, inefficient windows will ensure you spend quality time in an atmosphere free from toxins, allergens, and harmful emissions from some appliances.

Deter burglars

Burglars will more often than not use your windows to get into your home. To augment safety and protection, upgrade to impact-resistant windows. They may not effectively stop all attempts made by criminals, but they will make their job substantially harder.

Need Expert Help?

If you want to get your windows replaced with unerring precision, look no further than Exterior Plus services. We have been replacing windows for over 15 years, and our exceptional team guarantees nothing but proficiency and top quality.

Connect with us today for the best window replacement services.
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